Burebista 80, Chisinau
Mon. - Fr.: 8:30 — 17:00

About us

BrioMedTest was founded in 2006 with the conviction that advanced DNA testing technologies need to be deployed in accessible services for everyone.

Our Mission

We help people know the truth, and truth is hidden in DNA.

What makes us special?

Our staff, technology and passion to help others.

Our personnel

BrioMedTest personnel is willing to help and is dedicated to the job! Once the DNA probes are delivered to our laboratory, they are received by highly qualified medical personnels. These personnels along with doctors and laboratory technicians review and encode the probes and then prepare and analyze the DNA which then renders the test results.

Legal Information

Accreditation certificate Nr. 1385.

The DNA machinery

To maintain the leading position on the Republic of Moldova’s market we decided to invest in the development of the laboratory in areas such as: expensive DNA machinery, medical equipment, and the most important asset - our medical personnel. Through bringing novel technologies to the market, BrioMedTest has been able to solve the dilemmas and fears of our customers, which has helped us in obtaining our credibility.

The passion of helping others

We feel enthusiastic in helping others, thus we love what we are doing! In the majority of the cases we handle, the results our customers receiver are life changing. No matter what problems or concerns our customers have, we are always happy to assist them in any way possible.