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Our advantages

Customer Trust

We are trusted by courts, consulates and clients. During 16 years of our activity, there was not a single disputed conclusion. We are chosen to tell the truth!

Data protection

We use an automated evidence registration system, which guarantees the safety of personal data processing.

Quality control

Due to several levels of verification and quality control, we are responsible for each result obtained and guarantee the qualitative performance of each investigation.

TV partner

We are the official partner of many television programs, including "Время правды", "Vorbeste Moldova", etc.

Welcome to BrioMedTest

The only notable Laboratory of Molecular Biology in the Republic of Moldova. The laboratory is accredited in executing DNA analyses for paternity and maternity, family relationship, and legal testing.

We offer our clients high quality service and efficient and reliable results in the following areas: paternity and family relationship, genetic passport, infidelity, molecular infectious disease, ancestry, health, diet and weight loss testing.

Our laboratory has obtained trust not just from Moldovan citizens but also from global clients. Hospitals, private clinics and local authorities have trusted and collaborated with our laboratory for more than 10 years. We are sure that precise DNA test results are able to change people's lives for the better.

Find the truth through science!

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