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Are you interested in paternity testing for legal reasons or its usage in courts?
If your response is “Yes!”, then this is the right test for you!

Legal paternity DNA testing guarantees high supervisory standards on each level of the process, thus it can be valid in court. Paternity testing is the only way to eliminate uncertainty.

BrioMedTest comes to your rescue with a medical service that has no competition.

Thus, the paternity testing at BrioMedTes insures you the following:

  • High quality standards;
  • The probability of paternity for inclusions is more than 99,999%, or a 100% exclusion.
  • A vast variety of DNA specimens that can be analyzed such as: saliva (collected with mouth swabs), blood, hair (must have roots attached), fingernails, muscle or organ tissues, chewing gums, cigarette butts, toothbrush and other frequently-used personal items;

BrioMedTest Laboratory guarantees privacy and absolute discretion. Each person receives a unique identification code. The result of the analysis can only be released exclusively to the requester.

Legal paternity DNA testing requires the presence of the child and the alleged father (mother’s participation is optional). In case there is more than a child or an alleged father to be tested, please inform the laboratory.

How do I get the testing processes started for the legal paternity DNA testing?

  1. Make a phone call to: 022 665 111, or 067 605 111 to set the convenient date and hour;
  1. It is mandatory that all the requester to be tested come simultaneously at the agreed date and hour at BrioMedTest laboratory.

    • The alleged father, child and mother;
    • The alleged father and child (if the child is under 18 years old, one of the legal parents or a legal representative of the child must provide informed consent on behalf of the child with permission for the collection and investigation upon agreed biological samples);
  1. The persons to be tested should have the following documents in original:
    • Internal passport of the alleged father;
    • Internal passport of the legal mother of the child under 18 years old;
    • Birth certificate of the child under 18 years old or the internal passport if the child is above 18 years old;

Upon the case, the following documents may be required in original:

    • The order of the court where it is clearly stated that BrioMedTest specialists are asked to execute the legal DNA paternity testing and to release the medical conclusion on the case.
    • Documents that certify that the person is entitled to represent the interests of another person;
    • In case there is a change in some personal data, such as a change of the name/surname in any of the documents, please provide supporting documents.
  1. An informed consent form will be signed where the requester gives permission for the collection and investigation upon agreed biological samples. One of the legal parents must provide an informed consent on behalf of a child that is under the age of 18.
  1. Full payment must be made either with cash or with a credit card.
  1. The requester can receive the result in 5-10 working days after the collection of the biological samples and full payment. The result of the analysis will be released in two original copies. One original copy is released to the alleged father and the other to the legal mother of the child. An original copy of the result can as well be sent to the court that is examining the case.

If you need assistance, please call: 022 665 111 or 067 605 111